4 Questions to Consider When Offered a Position

You have just received a job offer with an insurance firm. It feels good to know that all of your hard work and research has paid off, and that someone values your skills, knowledge and experience. You now have to make a decision. Should you take the job? Is it the right job for you? Here are four things to consider in making your decision.

  1. The first thing to think about is the company culture and work environment. Is it the type of place you can see yourself going to day after day? Do the values, goals and vision of the company fit with your own? Company culture also describes things such as the work environment. Is the company very hierarchically oriented or does it have a more collegial atmosphere? Do the employees seem to enjoy working there? Does the company value volunteerism among its employees and give them the opportunity to volunteer? Does the company encourage employee health and wellness – a gym on-site or discounts to a club nearby? Do you get the overall feeling that this is a place that truly values its workers, or sees them simply as an expense that needs to be managed?
  2. The second thing to consider is the opportunity for professional development. Does the company give you that opportunity? Does it give its employees tasks that challenge them and the independence to follow their own vision? Are managers supportive and available with advice? Does the company offer educational and training opportunities for employees to hone their skills? Does the company routinely promote from within or go outside to fill positions?
  3. The third thing to consider is the financial health of the company. Is the company growing, stagnant or even scaling back? Has the growth been consistent or up and down? Is it experiencing increased competition, and how has it been responding to that? Has it been gaining or losing market share? Over the past several years the company should have maintained a pattern of growth each year. If not, that should raise a red flag.
  4. Finally, what kind of salary and benefits is the company offering, and do they fit in with what you need? Is the salary competitive with similar positions at the company’s local competitors? What kinds of health insurance plans are offered, and what kind of contributions and deductibles are required? What kind of retirement plans? Is there enough variety in the plans to give you a good choice to pick from?

If you’re thinking of moving up (or even over) in your insurance career, take a look at the many insurance positions the recruiters at Insurance Relief™ are now looking to fill. If one of them piques your interest, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us to learn more.