5 Top LinkedIn Groups for Insurance Professionals

If you haven’t yet joined at least one LinkedIn group tailored for the insurance industry, we urge you to do so.

Joining groups means you have access to hundreds – if not thousands – of professionals within your second-tier network. In addition, you can ask questions and offer insight within these groups. Offering advice/insight is a great way to become known as a knowledgeable expert within the insurance sector – not a bad thing if you’re either looking for work or thinking that you’ll be looking for new opportunities in the near future.

Read below for five of what we consider to be the best LinkedIn groups for insurance professionals.

  • Insurance Professionals has (as of late March) almost 140,000 members and describes itself as the “largest and most active Spam-Free insurance group on LinkedIn.” This group is one for annuity, life, property, casualty, health insurance, risk managers, producers, claims personnel, and home office executives. This group started on LinkedIn in the early years: 2007.
  • Another huge group for insurance pros is Risk, Regulation & Reporting. Begun in 2008, this group has more than 108,000 members. It shares and discusses global news on RRR within the banking and insurance sectors. It also discusses financial crime.
  • Global Insurance Professionals (not affiliated with the Insurance Professionals group mentioned above), discusses life insurance, property and casualty, health insurance, insurance in general, annuities and pensions. At 58,000 members the group says it has members worldwide. It was started in 2008.
  • The Global Insurance Network has almost 45,000 members. Started in 2008, the group is a broad one, attracting risk managers, brokers, agents, actuaries, and more. The group focuses on helping independent professionals get traffic to their blog or website, hunt for work, write great resumes and cover letters, and even discusses Six Sigma methodologies.
  • Insurance Distribution (Marketing) Professionals is a relatively small group (just 24,000 members) but it packs a big punch. This group is for the insurance professional who wants to share ideas and strategies on “insurance distribution” by way of direct channels, brokerage and traditional agents. This group also started in 2008.

We’ve listed only five LinkedIn groups for insurance professionals here. We’re sure you have a group or two you could recommend; please do so in the comments below.

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