Are You Meeting Your Career Goals?

Summer is here. Where did 2013 go? It’s already half over!

Are you closer to meeting the career goals you set for 2013? If not, or even if you didn’t set goals at the beginning of the year and now are thinking there are few you’d like to accomplish before saying hello to 2014, read below for some tips on how to stay, or get, on track to meet them.

  • Are Your Goals Reasonable? One reason we don’t achieve our goals is because we think too big. Not that big goals aren’t doable, just perhaps not in one year. In fact, setting big goals (that is, goals that really make you reach) is a good thing. It’s just trying to accomplish them in a short period of time that can be problematic. For example, if one of your goals is to be making $100K in salary by the end of the year and you were making $50K at the start, doubling your salary in just 12 months’ time might be a “too big” goal. But increasing it by 10 percent? Definitely doable. Doubling it in 2-5 years? Definitely doable.
  • Consider a Long- & Short-Term Goal. The long term, for example, could be the doubling of your income. The short term could be getting that 10 percent raise in income within six months. Another example: becoming certified in six months or a year (short-term goal). Becoming the owner of your own insurance company in five or 10 years (long-term goal).
  • Break Your Goals into Steps. Doing so allows you to make small goals. Making small goals helps you build momentum in meeting your longer-term goals. Momentum is a very good thing.
  • Performance Reviews. If you need an “outside” push to help you keep track of where you are in your progress to your goal, yearly or semi-yearly reviews with your boss can be helpful. Performance reviews, especially if you’ve written down goals with your supervisor, can be a terrific way to have an outside force (your boss) helping you stay on the straight and narrow as you make your way to your goal.
  • Stay Knowledgeable. Don’t forget to make sure your skills stay sharp. These can be “hard” skills (such as the latest software and apps) or “soft” skills (such as sales negotiation). Regardless, any career goal you set will more than likely require that you keep your mind sharp and your skills sharper. You might want to make one of your 2013 career goals taking a class, attending a seminar or otherwise doing something to ensure your skills stay up to date.

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