December Top Job: Commercial Lines Manager/CSR, Trucking

If you have experience as a commercial lines account manager/CSR, particularly with insuring the trucking industry, then take a look at this terrific full-time position in Woodland, California.

You’ll need at least two or three years of experience as an account manager. It also would be terrific if you’re bilingual Spanish/English.

This position will have you supporting a successful trucking and transportation producer. You need a good base of commercial knowledge and should have a strong emphasis in workers’ compensation.

You’ll be responsible for marketing accounts, making your way through carrier rating websites and then discussing (negotiating) with underwriters on rates.

It’s also best if you’re quite adept at working with different insurance software programs.

While we can’t tell you here what the salary is for this position, reports that the average salary for a commercial lines account manager in Woodland, CA is $54,000.

As for Woodland, California, this town of about 55,000 (2010 U.S. Census) is located about 15 miles northwest of Sacramento. It’s the county seat of Yolo County, which got its start in 1850, when California was granted statehood and Yolo County was established.

Woodland’s proximity to Sacramento, as well as an addition of a railroad line in the late 1860s (and now it’s proximity to Interstate 5) have made Woodland a thriving, midsize California community.

Woodland offers residents dry, hot summers (the average temperature is 95 degrees F in July) and pleasant winters (average temperature is 55 degrees F in January). Like almost all of California, February brings the most rainfall to Woodland, which sees an average of about 4.5 inches of rainfall during the shortest month of the year. While summer days are hot, summer evenings can be as low as 55 degrees, due to what is known as the “Delta Breeze” that blows into the Central Valley (of which Woodland is a part) through the Carquinez Strait (a narrow tidal strait of the confluence of estuary of the Sacramento and San Joaquin rivers about 60 miles to the southwest of Woodland). reported that the median home value in Woodland in November was $249,000, a rise of more than 28 percent over November 2012. Home values are rising in Woodland right now, mostly due to its proximity to Sacramento and its charming small-town flavor.

Woodland is just about a two-hour drive from San Francisco (southwest along Interstate 80), making the delightful cosmopolitan city a great weekend getaway for Woodland residents.

Does this position appeal to you? If so, and if you have the needed experience, don’t hesitate to send your resume to an Insurance Relief™ recruiter. We’d love to discuss this opportunity with you!