Bad Body Language Leads to Bad Job Prospects

When preparing for an interview, you do a variety of things – research the company, prepare answers to questions you think an interviewer will ask, think about how you will sell yourself and your skills to the hiring manager, as well as plan what you will wear.

These are all important elements to consider. But there is one other thing equally important that most people don’t consider – body language. You may not think it is important, but it is. People form impressions of others very quickly after meeting, and body language contributes to this.

So, when you go for an interview, make sure your body language is saying the right things to the interviewer. Here are a few things to be aware of.

The handshake and eye contact

Make sure your handshake is firm and you make eye contact with your interviewer. This shows poise and confidence. Looking down or away gives the impression of someone who is not sure of themselves, timid and uncertain.

One trick people sometimes use with the handshake is turning their hand so that it’s on top of the other person’s hand when they grasp it. This helps to give the impression of someone who takes charge, who takes the initiative.

Posture and fidgeting

Stand straight, with shoulders back. When you sit, keep your back straight as well. You definitely do not want to slouch in the chair. Standing and sitting up straight help to present an air of confidence.

Don’t fidget or make any other nervous movements such as tapping your feet, biting your fingernails or twirling your hair. It is OK to gesture occasionally with your hands, but don’t do it too often. It is something that should flow naturally from the conversation.

Practice your delivery

To make sure you are presenting the image you want, practice your delivery in front of a mirror to see what you look like. You may also want to practice with a friend and get his or her input on how you come across.

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