Choosing the Right Corporate Culture

Remember this: Whenever you’re being interviewed for a job, you also should interview the company to make sure it meets your needs.

Your skills, background, experience, and education all have a large impact on how well you’ll perform in any single job.  But so does the atmosphere (company culture) in which you will be working.

So, how can you find out if a company is a good fit for your personality?

First, you need to understand the management style under which you thrive. Do you do best with a boss who tells you what needs to be done, gives a deadline and then steps back and lets you get to work? Or do you prefer a more hands-on, involved supervisor? Neither is “better,” but one is better for you.

As you interview, you’re going to need to ask some questions of the interviewer. Such questions could be:

  • How do you describe your management style?
  • How would you describe the company’s culture? (Ask this question of everyone with whom you interview; you want to see if you get the same general answer.)
  • Does the company/department promote from within? Do colleagues tend to go out to lunch together? What about professional development opportunities?

You also should pay close attention to how the department/company looks. Observe everything. What kind of vibe are you getting? Do you feel comfortable in the environment? How are people dressed? Professionally or somewhat casually? Is the office quiet or chaotic? What about office equipment? Are workers’ desks covered with old, square personal computers that appear to have seen better times; flat screen PCs; or laptops? Do your potential future colleagues have family photos and other personal mementos displayed, or are desks sparse and bare of decoration?

All of this is great information for you. How an office “looks” can tell you tons about how an office is run, and whether or not you’d be happy within it.

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