Finding a Great Insurance Job

Great insurance positions can be hard to find. Oh, sure, it’s relatively easy to find “any” insurance job, but to find a position that’s right for you takes more effort and finesse.

Read below for some tips for finding an insurance position that fits you to the proverbial “T.”

Research your area/region to get a feel for the insurance industry market today. This can help you understand if you’ll be a “hot” commodity or if you may have to court a number of employers before you land your dream position.

First, sign up with an insurance recruiting/staffing firm such as Insurance Relief™. Let the recruiter know what types of insurance you provide/have experience in and what type of company you’re wishing to work for. An agency? In an insurance capacity in a firm that’s not related to the insurance industry?

What types of work are you willing to do? Do you only wish to perform underwriting? Actuarial work? Sales? Be as specific as possible. In addition, let us know if there’s a particular company or two that you’d like to work for. We can show your resume/qualifications to that employer to see if they have an opening for which you’re qualified.

Realize that you may have to take that “any old job” at first, especially if it gives you an opportunity to get your foot in the door with your dream employer.

Even if it’s not with your “top” company, an entry-level position, or one that’s a bit beneath your skill level, can be a terrific way to show your value to a company, especially if you’ve been out of work for a while.

Many of our positions are temporary or even temp-to-hire assignments that can be prime opportunities for you to show your worth and see if the employer is the right one for you.

If you don’t find yourself in the position you dream of, never stop looking. This is especially applicable if you’re working in a temporary assignment. These can and do become full-time opportunities regularly, but if your assignment does not, it’s still a great way to keep an income making its way to your checking account while you continue your search, either with our help or on your own.

Remember that there is great dignity in work. Employers tend to look more favorably upon those who have taken “any old job” rather than wait for the perfect one. It shows a solid work ethic and personal responsibility.

Whether you’re working now or are looking for a great position in the insurance industry, contact a recruiter at Insurance Relief™. As mentioned above, we can place you in temporary, temp-to-hire and direct-hire assignments in some of the country’s top firms and insurance companies. Contact us today!