Fits Like a Glove: The Right Insurance Position for You

When you have an insurance sector job offer in front of you, how do you know that it’s a good fit for you? After all, a job that looks great on paper could wreak havoc with your personal life (long hours, considerable travel, non-competitive pay, etc.).

Read below for some tips on how to find the position that’s perfect for your goals and your personal life.

Will the job help you advance?

  • As you mull over an offer ask yourself this: Will the position advance my skills and knowledge? If you’re currently employed, you may have found that you’ve hit something of a dead end as far as advancing your skills or providing you with the opportunity for advancement. If so, that is an absolutely terrific reason to look for a new position. But to go from one “dead end” position to another? You might want to stay put until you find an opening better suited to your career goals.

Be honest:

  • Be brutally honest with yourself. If you move from an insurance firm in a rural area to one in an urban or even suburban region, you may find yourself working a lot more hours. Will this fit with your family’s needs? Will it put “too much” of a burden on them (and only you can be the judge of what’s “too much” for your particular family)?

What is the commute like?

  • Will the new job require a longer – or shorter – commute? We tend to underestimate how much of a negative impact a long commute can have on our lives. From our health to our family’s needs to our own hobbies and outside interests, a long commute can put a big kibosh on a meaningful personal life. Again, only you can judge what is too long. Many people appear to have no problem with an hour’s commute each way, while others balk at a drive of more than 15 minutes. Assess what’s best for you.

What is the work environment like?

  • Take a good long look at the office environment. Can you imagine yourself working there five days a week, sitting side by side with these potential colleagues? This is an extremely personal assessment. For example, you may find that the office is way too quiet while another candidate needs quiet in order to function. There’s no “right” answer, only an answer that’s right for you. This is the time to really go with your gut. If your intuition is telling you the surroundings are not for you, heed that little feeling. No amount of a short commute, no amount of a raise or new responsibilities can make up for an eight-hour day of pure misery because either you don’t fit the office, or the office doesn’t meet your needs.

There are insurance positions out there that are perfect for you. Contact a recruiter at Insurance Relief™ today to learn more about the temporary, temp-to-hire and direct-hire opportunities we have for insurance professionals.