I Want a Raise!

You consider yourself a good employee, one who works hard at his or her job. You think you deserve a raise, but naturally aren’t so sure what your supervisor believes. What can you do to show your value to the company and show your supervisor that you deserve a raise? Read below for some tips on how to show your value to your employer…and get that raise!

  • If you want to get more recognition and more money, the first thing to attend to is your own attitude.  People who get raises and get promoted have a positive, can-do attitude, a confidence in their skills and efforts. They believe in themselves. They banish self-doubt.
  • Another element to look at is your reputation in the company. What are you known for? How are you perceived by your coworkers? You need to step outside yourself and put yourself in the place of the company leaders. How do you think they see you? You need to take a hard look at your work routine and effort. You need to evaluate yourself critically.
  • Another step in the process is establishing a rapport with the person who has the authority to give you the raise. It’s another version of networking within the company. 
  • You also need to set clear goals about your job and how you will go about achieving them. Clear goals mean you set target dates for the things you want to achieve and specific plans for how to achieve them. These are not outcomes that remain in the nebulous realm of sometime in the future. These are outcomes you can visualize and plan to make real according to a specific time frame. 
  • You also have to show what you can do – how you add value to the company. You have to look at the big picture and come up with solutions that will help the company grab or maintain a competitive advantage, to come up with ways that the company can achieve its goals. A big element in getting raises and promotions is having high expectations for yourself – going the extra mile and doing more than is required. Showing that you are willing to shoulder more responsibility also adds to your reputation.
  • And you need to take action. Thought and planning are good, but they remain worthless if not translated into actual strategic steps you take. It may mean stepping out of your comfort zone and doing things you haven’t done before. But without risk, there is no gain.

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