Writing Effective Job Descriptions

Many times when employers post job descriptions, for one reason or another, they end up wide of the mark. They don’t really get at the essentials of the job, or give an applicant a good idea of what the job entails.

If this sounds like your job descriptions, continuing reading below for a few things you can do to remedy the problem.

First, it is important to remember that a job description needs to be informative, giving the job seeker an accurate idea of what the day-to-day requirements and duties of the job are.

Another item that the job description should contain is an explanation to the job seeker of why the company is such a good place to work. The job description needs to sell insurance firm or your department.

The job description should also contain a list of the specific skills, abilities and knowledge a person must have in order to succeed in the position.

These are pretty straightforward elements that a good job description should include, but job descriptions often are not organized well. They are vague about explaining the requirements for the job. There is no compelling reason given for why anyone would want to work for the company, and, to top it all off, the job title is often misleading.

All of these missteps can have a big impact when you consider that the average job seeker spends – at most – 30 seconds looking at a job description.

Also, make sure that the appropriate people review your job descriptions every three to six months to make sure that they are current.

You should also make every attempt to provide an accurate description and try to avoid anything that might mislead an applicant. For example, saying that the job requires a college degree when someone with a high school degree can do the job will affect your ability to find the right person.

You should also make sure that your description is geared toward the type of talent pool you are trying to attract – know your audience.

If you don’t have the expertise within your company to write accurate, compelling job descriptions, it may be worth your while to hire someone with expertise in this area.

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