Insurance Top Job: Employee Benefits Copywriter in Napa, CA

Do you love wine?  Do you love being around vintners? Are you a skilled copywriter with experience or knowledge of employee benefits?

Then you must apply for this employee benefits copywriting opportunity with a firm in Napa, California.

As the copywriter, you’ll manage the firm’s Internet and marketing copy, review plan provisions, benefit designs, and client procedures. You also translate complex information into consumer-friendly brochures and marketing materials.

You should have experience with employee benefits programs and compliance issues, and have a knack for putting industry jargon and terms into prose and content that can be easily understood by consumers.

As for your assignment city, Napa, there’s not much not to like.

Napa is located in the middle of California’s Wine Country, about 50 miles northeast (more north than east) of San Francisco.

More than 400 wineries grow grapes and turn them into wine in and around Napa (within and near the Napa and Sonoma valleys). The number of wineries has boomed in just 40 years; only about 25 wineries were operating in 1975.

The area is beautiful and offers a temperate (trending to very warm in the summer) climate. The average high temperate in July is about 83 degrees, with the average high in winter hovering around 58 degrees (with winter low temperatures about 40 degrees).

There’s plenty to do besides sampling wines, as the area offers many opportunities for hiking, riding a hot air balloon, bicycling, and visiting historical sites (the area is not too far from several California Gold Rush locations). Naturally, due to the wineries, fine dining and cuisine are readily available.

It’s not too rainy – about 64 days a year see rain in the area – with an average total rainfall of 27 inches.

San Francisco is about 90 minutes away (depends on traffic), so a day or weekend trip to that beautiful and cosmopolitan city is a breeze.

As a trendy getaway destination, Napa‘s housing situation tends to skew high; housing doesn’t come cheap. reported that the median home price (half are more and half are lower) for a home in Napa in January was $357,000.

If you have the copywriting experience needed and you’re looking to live in one of the loveliest places in the country, send your resume to a recruiter at Insurance Relief™. We look forward to hearing from you.