Forget Luck. Here are Tips to Make Sure You Get the Job

To echo Tina Turner: when it comes to landing a job, what’s luck got to do with it?

Not as much as you’d think.

Your friends and neighbors didn’t get their fabulous new jobs because they “got lucky.” No, they got the job because they did the right things at the right time. You can, as well. Read below for strategies.

Successful applicants notice the details. That is, they craft a resume and cover letter specific to each and every job to which they apply. This doesn’t mean writing a completely new resume or cover letter for each position, but it does mean tweaking these important documents to highlight their skills, education and background to better fit the job description as stated.

Those who get the job also prepare well before the interview. They research the company (its website, LinkedIn profile) as much as possible. They talk to anyone they can find who either works at the company now or who worked there in the past.

While they can’t know everything about a company’s or department’s needs and goals, they find out enough to talk intelligently to a hiring manager about what the company/department does and how the job candidate can help the company/department reach those goals.

Which means that successful job candidates understand that getting the job isn’t about them and their needs (an income), but the company’s and how their particular skills help fix those problems or help the company get where it wants to go.

Successful job candidates also interview their interviewer/hiring manager. They ask pertinent questions that can’t be found online or in print about the company. They discuss ideas they may have to help the company reach its goals.

People who get the job also know that the interview isn’t over when they shake hands goodbye. They know they need to ask what the next steps in the process will be. They also ask for the job.

Once they get home, successful job getters immediately write thank you letters to everyone with whom they interviewed. They know that these just aren’t simple “thank you for meeting with me” notes, but instead are great opportunities to offer more ideas or plans as to what the job candidate will do when hired to help the company reach its goals. They also ask for the job again (“I’m excited about this opportunity and I believe I’m a perfect fit. I hope to be working alongside you soon”).

The people who get job offers follow up. If they don’t hear from the hiring manager regarding next steps, they’re not afraid to pick up the phone after a few days or a week and ask for an update (professionally and politely, of course).

In a nutshell, all of the above means that successful job seekers are exceedingly proactive. They make their own luck, so to speak, and don’t wait for it to come to them.

Successful job candidates also seek out recruiters who can help them find great opportunities. If this is you and you’re looking for work in the insurance sector, send your resume to Insurance Relief™. We look forward to hearing from you.