Top-Paying Insurance Careers


The insurance industry is a vast enterprise in the United States, encompassing many different kinds of jobs. Some of them – those requiring advanced or specialized skills and knowledge – pay quite well.

Here are a few of the highest-paid jobs in the insurance industry.


The median salary for this job is almost $101,000 a year. The number of actuarial jobs is projected to grow more than 20 percent by 2026.

The job of an actuary is to analyze the financial cost of risk. They gather and analyze data to try and estimate the cost of certain negative events so insurance policies can be developed that minimize risk and generate the most profit.

The job generally requires a bachelor’s degree in actuarial science and certification in their field.

Insurance Underwriters

The median salary for this job is almost $68,000 a year. The number of underwriter jobs, however, are expected to decline by 5 percent by 2026.

Underwriters analyze a customer’s information and potential risk in order to decide whether to provide coverage, and if they do, how much coverage and what to charge for it.

Underwriters generally need at least a bachelor’s degree.

Financial Analysts

Financial analysts have a median salary of almost $82,000 a year. The number of jobs in this field is expected to grow by 11 percent by 2026.

Financial analysts help insurance companies determine the best places to invest their money based on financial data and business trends.

The job generally requires at least a bachelor’s degree.

Claims Adjusters, Examiners, and Investigators

The median salary for these jobs is almost $64,000 a year. The number of jobs in these areas is expected to decline by one percent by 2026.

These people evaluate insurance claims to determine what the insurance company should pay out. They must confirm the claim is valid, figure out what exactly is covered under the insurance policy, negotiate a settlement and then approve payments.

Entry-level positions generally require just a high school degree. However, more advanced positions would require a college degree or relevant work experience.

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