Want to Walk out and Not Come Back? Here’s When Leaving Your Job Might Make Sense.


When is it time to head out the door? Here are some situations when it might make sense to move on.

Your boss is a bully.

If your boss thinks the best way to motivate their workers is through fear and threats, it’s time to think about going somewhere else. If they enjoy berating their people in public, take credit for other people’s work and seldom praise the work of their staff, they are not a person you want to work for.  

You are not going anywhere.

If you have been in the same job for at least three years and see no opportunity for advancement; if your job has become routine without much chance for growth, it may be time to think about moving on.

You supervisor does not communicate with you.

If your supervisor does not give you much feedback, or the feedback they do give is too vague to help you, it may be time for a new job. Your supervisor should be involved in your professional growth and give you advice on an ongoing basis.

Many people are leaving.

If a number of your co-workers are heading out the door on a regular basis, it may be time to think about following them. Employees leaving, especially the good ones, is usually a sign there are better places to work and you may have better opportunities elsewhere.

You may want to talk with your co-workers first to find out why they are leaving.

The company often undergoes reorganization.

Change is good, but too much is not. If you have been with a company for several years, and during that time you have had several bosses, it could be a sign the company is in some kind of turmoil, and it may be time to jump ship.

You are getting a lot of calls from recruiters.

This could mean your skills are in demand, and it may be time to look around.         

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