4 Job Posting Tips That You Should Be Doing To Attract Talent

The talent competition is keener than ever. That makes the content of your job ads all the more important. Often, it is the first contact job candidates have with your company, and you want to make a good impression. Here are a few ways to do that.

1. Evaluate your job ads

Most companies post job ads without knowing how their audience is responding to them, their audience being job candidates. To rectify this situation, you need to assess your job ads. This is relatively easy to do. Have job candidates or even your employees look at your job ads and the job ads of competitors, and ask them to compare the two.

Naturally, you want to block out any identifying features in the ads, so readers won’t know which company the ads belong to. If your readers like your competitors’ ads more than yours, you know you have a problem that you need to fix.

Ask the readers to critique the ads, to describe what they liked and didn’t like, what caught their interest and what turned them off.

2. Focus on skills

Many job posts focus mostly on the education and experience required for jobs, with little attention given to the actual skills that are needed to perform them. Job posts need to highlight the actual skills, knowledge, and abilities needed to do the job and explain how these things will be measured.

3. Humanize it

Often job ads are written in language that is dry and abstract. This really won’t help you to attract job candidates—just the opposite.

The ads need to show what the job is really like. It would help to include links to photos and videos or even a podcast about the job.

The job posting should also include a salary range for the position. There is very little reason to withhold this information. Not including it may prevent you from losing candidates further down the line in the hiring process.

4. Accuracy

Job posts should be as accurate as possible in describing the job’s duties and responsibilities. Often companies will simply post the same ad as in the past. But over time, a job’s responsibilities can change, so it’s essential to make sure the ad is current.

Before posting the ad, the company should get input from managers about the actual skills and knowledge currently needed for the job.

Attract Top Talent

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