A Map of the Stars: Finding Great Insurance Talent Before They Make it Big

Even though one would think it would be easy finding insurance superstars in a tough economy, we both know finding good insurance professionals is never easy.

That’s why we recommend you at least take a look at someone who, at first glance, doesn’t “fit” the insurance “mold.” What do we mean by this? Read below.

Employees who end up being superstars show a natural curiosity and engagement. They may not have much – if any – experience in the insurance sector, but their willingness to learn and their delight in doing so can mean the difference between a so-so employee and a star.

With that in mind, we believe you should hire for personality, work ethic, etc. over experience and skills. The insurance industry can be “taught,” hard work, a willingness to learn new things, a curious mind, and so on, cannot.

Did you know that it’s the “C” students who end up becoming the entrepreneurs and millionaires? According to Thomas A. Stanley in his Millionaire Next Door books, this is, indeed, the case.

So if you want a go-getter, if you want someone who will work his or her fanny off for you, look for the “average” students. Not just any “average” student, though. As mentioned above, you need a go-getter. How do you spot a go-getter? Look at the activities in which he or she participated in college. Was the applicant involved in school or did those average grades come about because he or she spent too much time partying, neither taking the time to study or participate in extracurricular school activities and organizations?

Again, don’t be afraid to hire the untested, such as the young applicant fresh out of college (or the older applicant also fresh out of college – going back to school to get a degree shows a huge amount of initiative, drive, and self-management skills because it is, after all, hard to juggle school, work and a family).

When it comes to finding a great person for the insurance sector, it’s easier to take someone who has never worked in the industry and train him or her in the ways you “want things done.”

In a nutshell, hire for work ethic , willingness to learn and a curious mind. Train for the rest. You’ll more than likely be amazed at how quickly you’ve “grown” your very own superstar.

Whether you need experienced insurance professionals or the go-getters described above, Insurance Relief™ can help you find them. Contact us today to learn more about how we source, vet and place professionals for the insurance industry.