Appeal To The New Generation Of Talent: Implement This Now

new generation of talent

Millennials and Gen Z. They are the new generations of workers, and they can be somewhat of an enigma to hiring managers. What do they want? Several things are important to them as part of their job — flexibility, purpose, work-life balance, and career development.

These generations are technologically savvy and to attract them, you need to have a digital focus. For example, advertising your company and job openings on social media across different platforms. 

1. Flexibility

To attract this new generation, you need to offer them greater flexibility with scheduling and the opportunity for remote work. You need to give them the flexibility to determine how to complete their work and what assignments need priority. You should focus not on the hours logged, but on the quality of the outcome, and let them set their own daily routine. 

Your company needs to show that it can incorporate remote workers seamlessly into its operation, the same as those working on-site. You need to create an attractive environment for people working remotely, giving them the resources they need, establishing lines of communication and feedback. 

2. Feedback

Growing up surrounded by technology, these generations are used to getting feedback quickly. They look for this kind of feedback in their jobs as well. Managers need to demonstrate the importance of ongoing and timely feedback at your company. 

With remote workers, managers need to schedule more meetings, whether in a group or one-on-one, to stay current with people’s work, and give more specific instructions and guidance. 

3. Purpose

These generations of workers want assignments that are challenging. They need to know they are making an important contribution to the company, and what they are doing has value.

4. Career development

These generations are like others in that they are looking to grow and advance in their careers. To attract them, you need to show the importance of career development at your company and what resources you can provide for career growth. 

5. Work-life balance

They also value a healthy work-life balance. You can show that your company values it as well. Don’t create an environment where employees feel they need to live at the office. Give them the flexibility to take time off to attend to family matters. Establish health and wellness programs.

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