Did They REALLY Just Say That?

It is a situation that many of us encounter at one time or another – having to deal with a co-worker or supervisor who is rude or inconsiderate. It’s a real problem in the workplace because these kinds of people can really upset the operation of a business.

If you are unfortunate enough to have to work with a rude person, how should you handle it? Here are a few tips.

Stay calm.

Getting upset or losing your cool is counterproductive in this situation. Avoid it, however difficult it may be to do. It will usually only make matters worse. When you speak with the person, be confident and self-assured. Rude people are often bullies, and if they sense insecurity, they feed on that.

Realize it’s not you.

Don’t take the rudeness personally. These types of people are usually equal opportunity offenders. It is just the way they are. It has nothing to do with you. In fact, you will find that even if you go out of your way to be nice to these people, it won’t change their behavior.

Examine your own feelings.

Could the problem lie with you? Are you being too sensitive, making too much of what is being said? Check with other co-workers to get their input on the rude person. Have they had similar experiences? What did they do about it?

Talk to the person politely and confidently.

Tell the person what they have said or done and why you find it so offensive. Let them respond if they wants to defend themself. It could be just a misunderstanding. Tell them how you expect their behavior to change, and then let them know what the consequences will be if they persist in the abusive behavior. This usually involves going to thier superior and informing the manager about the behavior.

Don’t let it upset you.

Realize this is not your problem, but the other person’s problem. You cannot control how other people act, only how you respond to their actions.

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