Four Workplace Issues That May Be Causing Turnover

High turnover at a company is a serious problem. It can be a big drain on productivity, torpedo morale, and cost the company a lot of time and money. If a company is experiencing a spike in turnover rate, management needs to find out why it is happening and plug the leak quickly. Here are a few common issues that lead to greater employee turnover.

Toxic environment

This is high on the list of causes for employee turnover. Toxic workplace culture is one that actively undermines morale, creates a hostile environment, and causes high levels of stress. Employees can feel that they are not valued by the company.

A company with a toxic environment may have great people working for it, but they won’t be there for very long. They will grow frustrated in short order and begin to look elsewhere.

This is a difficult situation to fix because it doesn’t arise from just a few people, but from poor      leadership. Company leaders either aren’t aware of what is happening or don’t really care. To prevent this situation from happening, companies need to regularly survey their workforce and identify problems early before they metastasize. The leadership needs to actively listen to what the employees have to say.

Too much work

When companies dump so much work on employees that they are forced to spend long hours at the office, they soon become stressed out and start looking for a way out. There is no balance between their work and their personal life. This situation, unfortunately, is common at many companies. According to some surveys, half of all employees are overworked and feeling burned out.

People who work too much have higher levels of illness, stress, and depression. Working more than 55 hours a week often has a deleterious effect on your health.

To rectify this situation, managers need to be aware of the hours people are putting in. If managers notice that employees are working long days and coming in on weekends, the supervisors need to do something about it. It starts with finding the cause.


This can result in more turnover also. When a job becomes just a dull routine, with little challenge and little sense of purpose, a person will soon look for a change.

Companies can avoid this situation by giving their workers new challenges and responsibilities as they gain knowledge and experience. Companies need to have strong career development programs, offering things like training and mentoring for employees to help with career growth.

A bad supervisor

It’s become a truism that people don’t leave jobs, they leave bosses. Nothing will drive a person out of a company more quickly than working for a bad boss. It’s one of the most common reasons for high employee turnover.

Here again, company management needs to take the bull by the horns to handle the situation. If they see that many people are leaving because of one particular person, management needs to take action and evaluate that person’s competence and value to the company.

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