How Did It Go? Signs That A Job Offer Is On The Way

You have just finished a job interview. You think it went well, but are not absolutely certain. Here are a few signs you may be getting a job offer.

The hiring manager talks up the company

During the job interview, the hiring manager is usually asking questions, trying to learn about your skills and experience. But if the hiring manager begins to sell the company to you, telling you what a great place it is to work, what the perks of the job are, or what you should expect when doing the job, it’s a sign that the company is very interested in you.

The hiring manager in this case is trying to let you know what the company culture is like to see if you’re interested in working there if they make you an offer.

You are invited back

Usually, if a company is interested in a job candidate, the person will receive an invitation for a second interview sometime after the first has been completed. But if you are invited back for a second interview during the first one, that is a definite sign that you may be getting an offer

The hiring manager asks you more personal questions

If the conversation gets more personal, that means that the hiring manager is interested in getting to know you as a person, trying to determine if you are a good fit for the company, and they are very interested in hiring you.

You get a tour

Usually, during an interview, you simply go in and answer questions. But if the hiring manager takes the time to give you a tour around the office, that is a sure sign that they like you.

Reference checks

If the hiring manager asks for references and informs you that they intend to check with them, this too is a sign that you are a very serious contender for the job. Reference checks are usually only conducted for candidates whom the company intends on hiring.

A longer interview

If the interview goes longer than expected, this too is a very good sign that they are interested in hiring you and you have a good chance of getting the job.

They negotiate

If the hiring manager starts talking about salary and benefits or start dates for a job, it’s safe to say they want to hire you.

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