How to Keep Your Employees from Burning – and Boring – Out

Burnout is becoming a significant issue in the workplace. People everywhere are being asked to take on more work and continually upgrade their skills. It is a problem that management needs to address if they want a productive and engaged workforce. Here are some ways that companies can fight burnout.

Meetings on the move

One way to reduce stress and minimize burnout is to get people outside in the fresh air and get them moving. A great way to do this is to have meetings while walking. Walking not only helps to improve physical health, but it can also help to improve your mental acuity as well as your mood.

Work-life balance

Managers should also help to promote good work–life balance for employees. Ways to do this include offering people more flexible scheduling to fit their personal needs and making accommodations for family obligations.


Managers also need to keep tabs on their team members to make sure they are not being overloaded with work or schedules that are overly demanding for a long period of time. It’s to be expected that from time to time the workload will spike, but constantly piling on the work beyond reasonable bounds is a good way to cause burnout.


American workers tend to be workaholics and many don’t take all the vacation time that they have earned. To help ease the possibility of burnout, managers need to encourage their workers to take all of the vacation time they have accrued.

Remote working

Managers can also give workers the opportunity to work from home occasionally. This will also help to relieve stress because employees will have more time, avoid the commute, and have greater availability to attend to family matters.

Wellness programs

Companies can also offer wellness programs to help avoid burnout. There are various types, but they may include things like an onsite gym and exercise classes, healthcare screenings at work, smoking cessation meetings, and classes on living a healthy lifestyle.

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