Your Team Matters to You, Right? Here’s How to Show It.

Rewards and recognition are important ways to increase the morale and motivation of employees. Companies that recognize their employees for excellence are usually more profitable than those that don’t.

Studies have found that incentives other than money also have a big impact on employee motivation, performance, and even retention. Employee recognition, such as cards, certificates, and public recognition, also has a big impact.


When giving recognition to employees, companies need to consider who is doing it. The person giving the recognition will make a big difference in the impact it has.


When an employee is recognized is also important. In a place where people are working under more demanding conditions and handling greater amounts of stress, giving positive feedback on a more routine basis would have a bigger impact.

But in an atmosphere that is more casual, if managers give continuous praise to employees, it may come across as insincere.

Studies have found that when recognition is given can go a long way toward determining what kind of effect it has. If it is given at the beginning of a quarter or at the end of a major project, it has a greater impact.

The way it’s given

There is some question as to whether praise or recognition given in public is a better way to do it. On the one hand, publicly recognizing a person may help to improve the motivation and performance of everyone on the team.

On the other hand, public recognition may also stir resentment among other people on the team and could actually hurt cooperation and performance.

So a manager needs to know his or her team and the dynamics at work in order to determine which way of giving praise would be more effective.

The little things

When it comes to giving praise, little things matter. Workers can easily see how sincere a manager is in giving praise by the amount of time and effort the manager puts into making something noteworthy. If, for example, the manager is presenting a certificate to the employee, it’s easy to see if it is professionally done or something that was cobbled together quickly.

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