5 Ways to Deal with Disengaged Workers

Companies want employees who are high-performing and productive. For workers to be at their best, they need to feel engaged with their work, believe it is important, and feel like others appreciate them.

However, many companies are not doing what they should to enhance employee engagement. It’s time to step up the effort. Here are 5 ways to help you turn disengaged workers into engaged, motivated team players.

1. Provide career growth and development

Everyone wants to move ahead in their careers, to learn and grow in their chosen profession. However, many times companies do not offer any opportunities to employees for this kind of career growth. This can affect the motivation of any worker. They need opportunities to advance, grow in their job and take on increased responsibilities and challenges. If a company does not offer this, employees will begin to look elsewhere.

2. Get input from employees

Employees often have ideas about how to improve operations at a company. Management needs to take these ideas seriously and show employees their ideas are being heard. Nothing will drop morale faster than ignoring what employees have to say.

3. Communicate carefully

Managers should listen to their workers and provide feedback as well. Leaders must be aware of how they are coming across to employees; how their words and actions are interpreted. Employees often read actions and body language to determine meaning, and it’s important for managers to be aware of this.

4. Don’t micromanage

Workers need to know their supervisors trust them and have confidence in them to get the job done and done right. Micromanaging sends the opposite signal. It tells workers that management does not trust them.

5. Give ongoing feedback and recognition

People want to know how they are doing which is why feedback is so important. It needs to be ongoing. Managers need to let their people know how they are performing, whether they are meeting performance standards or if they need to do better or make changes. Don’t keep them in the dark.

It is also essential to recognize people who have done a good job. This is especially important in maintaining morale. If people put in a lot of hard work, and their efforts are ignored, it cannot fail to affect their engagement.

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