Mid Year Check-In: How Is Your Career Growth Plan Coming?


At the beginning of the year, you developed a career growth plan for yourself, establishing goals you wanted to achieve during the year and a plan for how to go about reaching those goals. The mid-year point is rapidly approaching, and this is a good time to review your plan, to check how you have been doing. Here are a few tips on how to do that effectively.

Look where you are at this point.

Take stock of your situation. Review the goals you have set for yourself and reflect on them. Has the intervening time changed your perspective on any of them? Are they still the most important goals for you to accomplish? Are they still realistic? Have other considerations entered into your work life since you made your original goals? Have you made your goals specific enough, measurable enough? Are they still relevant? Do you still think they are achievable?

Examine what you have achieved.

Look at what you have accomplished over the course of the year to date. How does it compare to the timetable you set for yourself at the beginning of the year? Do you need to make adjustments? If you find you are falling behind, you need to consider why. Is your timeline too ambitious, are your goals too lofty? Do you need additional help to move ahead, such as more training or mentoring?

Look at what to do next.

Now is the time to make changes to your goals or your plan. Enough time has elapsed so that you should have a pretty good idea about the efficacy of your goals and your plan, while there is still enough time left to change course and still make progress by the end of the year.

Reorganize the plan of action you made at the beginning of year. Look at the steps and tasks you have laid out and the timeline, and make adjustments to bring them into line with what you have achieved so far and what you would like to achieve by the end of year.

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