How to Involve Employees in the Hiring Process

Using employees can help your hiring process. Your workers know what skills are needed, and they know the company culture. They are well equipped to help determine who would be a good hire. Here are some ways to get them involved.

Putting Together Job Descriptions

Employees can help put together job descriptions that accurately reflect the skills needed for the job. People with job titles similar to the one being advertised know what skills and knowledge are needed to perform well. They can provide valuable input in drafting a description that tells what the job is really like.


Having employees take part in the interview can also be helpful. The employee may pick up on something that the hiring manager may have missed or provide another perspective on the candidate and his or her answers. The employee will provide valuable input on whether the applicant will fit in with the team.

However, if employees participate, you need to organize the interview so it doesn’t  go off track. There should be one person who takes the lead in questioning, while the others confine their questions to their area of expertise.

Meeting with Candidates, Shadowing

You can also have job candidates shadow employees to introduce the candidates to the company and the people who work there.

Organizing the Process

If you do involve employees in the hiring process, you need to plan things out. Workers should know in advance if they will be meeting with candidates and what they will be doing with the candidates. The employee should also know the purpose of the interaction – to give their opinion of the candidate, show the candidate around, or give information about the company.

There are other ways employees can help out in the hiring process. For example, they can put together blogs or videos about the company and their role for job candidates. They can help review resumes, especially if you are looking for a specialized skill set. They can post messages on social media and also help onboard new people.

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