How to Make Sure You’re Not Fooled on Your Next Insurance Job Interview


At a job interview, you are trying to impress a hiring manager, showing them why you are the right person for the job. But that is not the entire purpose of the interview. You are also getting a feel for the company, assessing whether it is the right place for you as well.

It is an opportunity for you to ask questions as well. In fact, the hiring manager will expect you to have questions about the job. Not having questions may influence their decision because it will raise doubts about your interest in the position.

So, have questions ready to go. Use them to learn as much as you can about the job and the company, and don’t be reserved about asking.

What Not to Ask

There are certain questions you should avoid, as they may not make a good impression on the interviewer. For example, wait for the hiring manager to bring up the subject of salary and benefits. Also, refrain from asking questions related to things like vacation, as this may give the impression you are more interested in the perks than the job. You should also avoid questions about basic information you can easily find on the company’s website, for example, because this will make it look like you have not done any research on the company.  

Some Important Questions

You can ask questions to find out what a typical day in the job is like; what are the most important things you need to focus on in the job; what the management style is like; what kind of feedback managers give; or the corporate culture. How does the company handle requests for transfers from one department to another? What kinds of training and career development programs does the company have? How will you be evaluated? How does the company help keep employees up to date on job skills? What are the opportunities for advancing? What kinds of traits and skills are needed to be successful at the company?

And you can ask the hiring manager about their own experience. Why did they decide to work for the firm? How long have they been with the business and what kind of management approach do they use? How has their career advanced? What kinds of obstacles do they have to contend with? How do other employees view their department?

Also, if you get an opportunity to meet employees at the company, question them as well. How do they like working at the firm? What opinion do they have about their supervisor? What do they think about the company?

The purpose of all these questions is to determine your fit with the firm; how happy you would be working there; if your values align with those of the company.

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