Insurance Career Spotlight: New Business Account Manager


An account manager is someone who is responsible for managing both sales and relationships with certain clients. The manager helps nurture these relationships so the client will continue to do business with the account manager’s company. The manager acts as a liaison between the customer service and sales ends of the company.

The account manager fosters long-term relationships with clients, working to understand their needs and how to meet them, and generate sales for their company as well.

Here are some of the important skills new business account managers should have.

Know how to nurture the relationship

Account managers must pay attention not only to the business side of the client relationship but the personal side as well. For example, the account manager should be able to personalize the client relationship by referring to previous conversations and making the effort to remember personal details clients may share, such as favorite pastimes and the like.

Communicate knowledge

Clients look to account managers for information and expertise, as well as service and solutions. Managers should provide value to the client every time they meet. Managers are not serving their clients well if they are more concerned about selling rather than conveying knowledge.

Be open and honest

This is especially important for things like budgets and timelines.

Keep learning

Managers need to stay on top of industry trends, as well as what is affecting their clients’ business, such as stock fluctuations, executive turnover and their competition.

Be accountable

Beware of working simply for a quick fix. When there are pressures to change direction, talk with the client about the wisdom of such a move and whether it is in their best interests to do it. Keep the long term uppermost in mind.

The priority is always the best interest of the client

Good account managers avoid the temptation to do something or sell the client something they know is not in the client’s best interest. Also, be willing to talk with the client when they want to do something that does not match the goals of their business. Good account managers strive to take a systematic approach in dealing with clients.

The average salary for an insurance account manager is a little more than $48,000 a year, according to

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