Insurance Job Interviews: How to Answer “Tell Me About Yourself”


When a hiring manager asks this question, he or she is not interested in hearing your entire life story. As with any other interview question, the interviewer wants to find out if you can do the job well and if you will fit in with the company culture. 

So, you need to focus your answer in those directions. Here are some ways to help you ace your interview.  

Talk about what is, what was and what will be. 

One strategy that career specialists suggest is to talk about the present, the past, and then the future. Start by explaining your current job, what it entails, and adding a major accomplishment. Then move to the past, explaining how your career path led you to your current job or talking about an experience you have had that relates to the job you are applying for. Then, finally, move the future, talking about what you would like to do next, why you are interested in the job, and why you are the best person for it. 

Naturally, this order is not carved in stone. If, for example, there is a compelling story from your past, you may want to start there. What you need to do, however, is to make sure you tie each experience to the job and the company.  

Fit your answer to the job and the company.

Another tactic is to use your answer to explain why you are the best qualified for the job. To do that, you need first to review the job description and learn about the companyThis will help make it very clear why you want to work there and what you have to offer in terms of successfully doing the job and helping the company. 

It also helps to put some emotion into your answer to explain why you are passionate about what you do and why you decided to get into this particular career. What you don’t want to do is review your entire resume point by point. Make sure your answers are concise. Avoid rambling on.  

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