Insurance Jobs That Did Not Exist a Few Years Ago


As you might expect, the new types of jobs in the insurance industry derive from advances in technology, involving things like data analysis and computer programming. Automation and digitization are changing the fundamental nature of work in just about every industry. Not only are new jobs being created, but jobs that have become industry staples are under assault by technology.

For example, underwriters and claims representatives are now being replaced by automation. The software for these jobs can analyze and interpret the necessary data more accurately and quickly than a human, cutting the time needed to calculate payouts significantly.

Here are some of the new jobs that have been created recently in the insurance industry as a result of technological advances.

Insurance data analysts

We are now in the age of big data, where businesses have access to huge volumes of information. The job of the data analyst is to examine this data, look for patterns, trends and associations that may reveal things related to human behavior and interaction. These patterns, in turn, may influence sales, product development and marketing.

In the insurance industry, data analysis can help to evaluate the risk of insuring a client, locate gaps in coverage, prevent waste and fraud, and help determine premiums. It can also help companies determine how profitable their book of business is and modify sales procedures to increase profits.

Insurance social media manager

Just about every company has a social media presence. The social media manager creates content for social media sites as well as monitors online traffic about their company. They work to ensure the company’s reputation is not damaged.

Insurance application developer

Application developers create software that helps people complete a task on a computer or work a program. Insurance companies are now focusing on mobile apps to enable people to access insurance information and apply for coverage on their smartphones. Application developers build apps for this mobile technology.

Insurance machine learning engineer

These people work in the field of artificial intelligence. They create computer programs that enable machines to accomplish tasks without being programmed to do so. AI will help automate the purchase of insurance and make it more efficient to settle and pay claims.

Insurance digital marketing specialist

These people develop the plans for marketing a company’s products or services online using things like social media, web analytics, email marketing, and search engine optimization.

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