Is the Game of Telephone Hurting Your Culture?

The culture of a company is important. And a key component of culture is communication. Having good communication is important for employee engagement and productivity. It is necessary to make sure the company is operating as well as it can.

Why Communication is Important

Without effective communication, there will likely be conflict among people because they are not getting the information they need nor a complete picture of what is happening. When this occurs, people begin to speculate as to what might be going on. Gossip takes the place of truth. Nature abhors a vacuum, and the same is true of an information vacuum – something will rush in to fill it up, whether that information is accurate or not.

Creating good avenues of communication at any company starts at the top. Company leadership needs to create an atmosphere of openness and transparency. All too often, managers assume employees won’t be able to understand more complex issues or won’t be interested. They believe there is no need to communicate information unless it involves something significant. They feel employees should only receive good news about the company and be shielded from bad news.

Valuable Resource for Problem Solving

All these erroneous attitudes get in the way of effective communication. These attitudes stem from a condescending attitude toward employees, believing they do not have the capacity to understand what is going on. However, in doing this, managers are cutting off a potent resource in helping them solve problems. The best organizations share information throughout the company. It creates trust and the attitude that everyone is in this together. Not sharing information has the opposite effect, creating distrust.

Employees are involved in the daily operations of the company and can convey valuable insights about the firm’s operation that managers, not being on the front lines, can miss. Moreover, transparency with employees is a show of trust and confidence in them, which helps morale.

Top-flight companies get employees involved in solving company problems, taking advantage of their experience and knowledge. It also shows employees they are valued.

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