Shopping Your Competition – For Talent

Companies are always looking for the best talent they can find; people who are outstanding performers; who know their business; who have a proven track record. That is why companies will sometimes look to their competition to provide the people the company needs.

While there is nothing wrong with poaching talent from the competition, it must be done discreetly because it is not without its hazards. You don’t want your company to get a reputation as a poacher, or start a war for talent, or run into legal issues with a non-compete agreement.

Using Recruiting Agencies

For this reason, many companies rely on recruiting agencies to lure talent from the competition. It gives the company some distance from the transaction by using a third party. Agencies also understand the ins and outs of enticing passive candidates to look at other opportunities.

An experienced agency knows how to use a discerning approach, one that is artful and subtle. They will begin sounding out the candidate in general terms to gauge interest before moving into specifics.

Selling Your Company

Recruiters will also know how to sell your company to a candidate who is already in a good position. Luring a person away is about more than just a generous salary. Top performers are looking for more – working for a business that is at the top of their industry, new challenges, opportunities for career growth, innovation and recognition.

The recruiters will emphasize the company’s success, its growth and its position as an industry leader. They know how to sell based on what the person can do and achieve at the company. They know the importance of being able to tell a compelling story about your company.

Non-Compete Agreements

Recruiters are also familiar with non-compete agreements and will know how to navigate this potential landmine. If you are trying to land a top performer, they will probably be subject to some restrictions. This does not always mean, however, that you will have to forego hiring the person. It all depends on what the competition restrictions are.

You will have to weigh the pros and cons of taking someone like this on board, and consult your legal team to see what kind of strategy you can devise to reduce the chances of litigation.

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