Why Young Agents Chose Insurance as Their Career

We don’t think we’ll be hurting any insurance employers’ feelings when we say that insurance isn’t exactly a glamorous business sector.

Yet many young professionals choose to enter the insurance sector.

The question is: why?

Insurance Journal, in early May, reported on its Young Agents Survey 2014, which it conducted earlier in the year, surveying 400 young agents. The magazine found that 86.3 percent of those who responded said they look at their insurance sector work as a “permanent career choice.” What’s more, 44.7 percent indicated that they were “very confident” that they one day will own their own agency.

Helping young people discover the benefits of a career in the insurance industry is becoming more crucial, as 50 percent of those working in the industry today are 45 or older and soon will reach retirement age.

To help young people in their insurance careers, the article argued that it’s imperative that companies find mentors for the younger agents. In fact, 79.2 percent of the respondents said that they had benefited from a mentor at some point in their career.

The article added that companies should “focus on engaging and recruiting young professionals and recent graduates” in order to make sure the industry continuously attracts top talent for foreseeable future.

One way to attract new talent is to recruit on college campuses, but many young professionals, according to the survey, actually enter the insurance industry a few years out of college, after working for some time in other business sectors.

For help in finding people who will succeed in the insurance industry, companies should look to niche staffing firms (such as Insurance Relief™) to source likely candidates and pair them with your company’s open positions.

Insurance staffing firms know well the qualities needed to succeed within the insurance sector and will screen and vet candidates to ensure a good fit so that the candidate is happy and successful and your company’s bottom line benefits because of the candidate’s ability to succeed in the industry.

For more information about how Insurance Relief™ can help you find future insurance stars, contact our recruiters. We look forward to hearing from you.