4 Tips for Engaging & Recognizing Employees in Today’s World

employee engagement and recognition

The workforce is expected to look a lot different after the pandemic. One of the most significant changes will be where people work. The post-pandemic workforce will most likely be a hybrid one – with some portion of a company’s employees working remotely, while others work in the office.

When people work remotely, it may be more challenging to maintain a higher level of engagement because they will be more isolated. If you find that morale is decreasing among these workers, here are some ways to help keep them engaged.

1. Emphasize the company mission, goals, and values.

Employees want to know that the work they are doing matters, that it is essential. Management needs to reinforce the importance of an employee’s work by showing how it supports the company’s mission and goals to lay out the bigger picture so that the person doesn’t just feel like a cog in a machine.

Even though they are not at the office, remote workers still need to feel that they are an integral part of the company. Toward that end, company leadership also needs to focus on the company’s values, to ensure that they are guiding all the activities and operations at the company. The leadership needs to make sure everyone understands these values and how to put them into practice.

Moreover, the leadership needs to set the example by practicing what they preach.

2. Recognize and reward employees for good work

This is important whether the workforce is remote or not. In a recent survey, about two-thirds of those responding said they would put more effort into their work if they received recognition for what they are doing. At the same time, two-thirds also said their work seems to be pretty much ignored by managers.

This does not necessarily have to involve paying out more money. There are many ways to recognize employees. Even little actions like a simple thank you can have a big impact on an employee’s supervisor. You can buy the worker lunch, give them a gift card, or send a group email acknowledging the employee’s efforts.

3. Communicate regularly

This is especially important with remote workers. Some business leaders say managers should meet with their staff once a week or more individually to talk to them about their work and plans. Managers also should encourage team members to communicate with each other regularly through video conferencing to maintain contact.

4. Solicit feedback

Whatever efforts you are making toward improving engagement, you need to get some idea of how they are working. That is why employee feedback is important to determine what they think about your program and how it could be improved.

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