A Manager’s Guide to Effective Delegation

delegation guide

Knowing how to delegate tasks is an essential skill that should be in the knowledge arsenal of every manager. Some may see delegating as unproductive, but actually, not delegating work can be even worse. You can become overloaded and not get the work done that you need to. Plus, your employees miss out on learning and growth opportunities. 

Here are some tips on how to delegate effectively. 

1. Understand what you can and cannot delegate 

Personnel matters, for example, are not something that can be delegated. As a manager, you need to handle that yourself. But there are probably more routine tasks you can give to others because they don’t require your direct review. 

They may be tasks that someone else might be able to do better than you. Or tasks that would enable a person to develop new skills. 

2. Consider the background of the person you are delegating to 

When delegating, try to assign a particular task to a person who has superior skills in that area. Also, consider your employee’s aspirations when delegating. For example, is someone on your team looking to gain management experience? Can you delegate an assignment to them that will help them gain that experience? 

3. Be clear about what you want 

You need to take the time to explain to the person exactly what result you are looking for and the parameters for the assignment. What exactly does the person need to do, what is the timeline, and how will the result be measured? 

4. Give support  

Consider also what resources the person will need to complete the task. Will they need any training, any assistance with manpower or technology? You also want to make sure they have the authority they need to go along with the responsibility you have given them. 

5. Communicate 

You need to make sure you are available to the person if they have questions or concerns. You should set up a clear channel of communication to exchange information.  

This includes feedback. Let the person know how they are doing during and after the project, along with advice. Also, get their feedback as well. Find out how well you performed on your end and where you might improve your delegating process.  

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