Are You Using the Right Insurance Lingo?

Are you interested in becoming an insurance agent? If so, here are a few tips from an insurance insider with many years of experience in the industry explaining what hiring managers are looking for and what you need to show them at the interview.

Show them you really, really want to sell.

Selling insurance is not an easy job. Hiring managers want someone who really has a fire in the belly to sell and keep selling, and that’s what you must show them. They don’t want someone only willing to do enough to get by. They want someone who goes the extra mile, and keeps going.

Show you have connections.

Show the hiring manager you have a large network, because these people are all potential clients.

Ask good questions.

Your questions need to show how ambitious and eager you are. For example, never ask what the minimum commission or bonus is. You want to ask what the maximum is, showing that you are going after the most, not the least. Also, ask how soon you can start selling.

Use the jargon.

Like every profession, insurance has its own terminology you should be familiar with. Here are a few of those terms.

  • Insurance Lines – The different types of insurance (auto, home, life, etc.)
  • Lead – A person you are trying to sell insurance to
  • P&C – Stands for property and/or casualty insurance (car, home, boat, motorcycle; not life or health insurance)
  • Premium – The cost of an insurance policy – what the customer pays
  • Retention – The percent of customers who renew their policies with the agency
  • Cross-Selling – Selling a customer an additional type of insurance
  • Up selling – Selling someone more insurance than they now have

Prove you can sell.

Give examples of your selling prowess. It does not necessarily have to be insurance. You need to demonstrate your ability to sell, whatever it may be.

Dress the part.

Look professional. That means a suit and tie for the interview.

Use the telephone.

When you communicate with the hiring manager, always use the phone, rather than by email or texting. Hiring managers want people who can pick up a telephone and talk to anyone at any time because that’s how sales are made. They want to hire someone who will call and call and call, and then call some more.

They don’t want people who only rely on emails and text messages. You cannot make sales that way.

Be familiar with Facebook.

Demonstrate you know how it works, but you know its limitations. Calling comes first.

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