Being the Leader Your Company Deserves

Are you the kind of leader your company not only needs, but deserves?

Think about this for a moment. It’s obvious you “believe” in or at least like your employer, otherwise why would you a) stick around long enough to be promoted into a leadership role or b) have done your due diligence in the job search and decided that this company was one in which you wanted to have an impact?

If you’ve decided to lead a company, are you leading it well, in the type of way it needs and its employees deserve?

Here are a few key leadership tips to help keep you on track:

No leader leads in a vacuum.
She never leads alone. She can’t be a leader of one (herself). By its very definition, leadership means guiding others. You’re always going to be surrounded by, working with, and mentoring and supervising others.  Learn how to adapt to their personalities and “get through” to them on their level.  

Communicate clearly.
It’s imperative that you become a great communicator. You’ll need to make sure your employees clearly understand your vision for the company or department. You’ll need to let them know what you want to accomplish and how they will help you do so.

You’ll also need to listen and respond to their questions, their concerns and their ideas. Employees often have great ideas. The more you can let them know that you truly want to hear them, the more you’ll hear…and the better your company will be.

Hone your sales skills.
“But I’m not in sales!”  Yes you are.  Everyone is a sales person.  Whether you’re actively pushing goods or services or simply selling someone on a new idea, you are in sales.  Being a leader means selling your vision and your agenda, and getting your team to buy-in.

Encourage healthy competition.
Great leaders enjoy competition and they help their employees do so, as well. You need to make your workers accountable for their efforts, goals and benchmarks and reward them when they meet these goals and go overboard when they exceed them.

Leading isn’t easy, but that doesn’t mean it needs to be backbreaking either. Show enthusiasm, a sense of fun backed by reasonably high expectations and just watch the great things that happen at your company!

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