Common Traits of Top Insurance Representatives

What is it exactly that makes an outstanding insurance salesman? What are the characteristics that great insurance representatives have, the things that make them stand out?

One of the most important traits is a good work ethic. As with any job or activity, if you want to do well, you have to work at it. There is nothing surprising about that. The best insurance agents are those who put in the hours, put in the effort, constantly building and growing their business. Establishing a good work ethic is important especially when you are just beginning your career, because it sets the tone for all the years to follow.

Also connected with a good work ethic are the other important character traits of determination and resilience. When you are out selling, for every sale you make, you will be turned down many times. It’s not easy facing rejection, so you need the resilience to move past it. You should be able to analyze your presentation, determine where you could make improvements, do so, and then move on.

Good insurance agents not only work hard, they work smart. They think strategically, setting goals and planning on how they are going to reach those goals. They are constantly gaining new knowledge, learning about their policies, how to sell effectively, trends in the insurance industry, etc.

To be a great insurance agent you also need to have good communication skills. This is a must. You need these skills to effectively explain your company’s policies to customers, to review all the details involved and to be able to answer any questions that a customer might have. A good communicator is one who knows how to work with different kinds of people, one who is able to adjust his or her level of discourse to his or her audience.

A great insurance agent is also flexible. People have different schedules related to their work and also family obligations. A good insurance agent makes allowances for this and makes sure he’s available when the customer has the time, within reason. Not everyone can fit into a 9-to-5 schedule, and it is unrealistic to expect a prospect to. Good customer service – and success in the insurance sector – starts with being available when your customers are available.

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