Dealing with a Bad Egg

It really is true – one bad apple can really makes things harder for everyone. Now there is research to back it up. Studies have shown that just one person in the workplace with a caustic personality can wreak havoc on everyone.

When that person is in the office, the atmosphere of the entire place can seem more cold and uninviting, and when the person leaves, the whole atmosphere can change. This person, whether he is underperforming, complaining or bullying, can ruin the working environment for an entire group.

Clearly, it is a situation that needs to be addressed. So, if you are a manager, how do you approach it?

As the employee’s supervisor, the first thing to do is look at your own actions. The employee’s annoying behavior may be the result of frustrations stemming from his job. He may be lacking incentives to work with others and do his best because no one takes notice of his work. Another possibility is that the person does not have the authority he needs to do what he needs to, or that unnecessary roadblocks are continually being put in his way. If any of these factors are relevant to the employee’s behavior, naturally, they need to be addressed.

If the problem lies elsewhere, counseling the employee is called for. In preparing for the meeting with the employee, you first need to consider the person you’re dealing with. From what you know about the employee, you need to determine if the person would really want to make changes. If you feel the employee really is not willing to change, it is time to begin the termination process.  .

The emphasis in the meeting needs to be on the employee’s behavior, nothing else. It doesn’t matter what the employee believes or feels. If you need to address an attitude problem, the focus needs to be on how the poor attitude is affecting behavior.

After you’ve informed the employee about the situation, you should get feedback from the worker, so that he has a chance to give his version of what is going on.

You should offer support, but also stress finding a solution to the problem. You should set benchmarks for making changes and should emphasize meeting expectations. But you need to focus on behavior, and not on any kind of psychological analysis.

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