Productive Temporary Staff from Day One!

Temporary employees working at your company truly can help drive productivity:

  • They can help you make sure work gets done when business picks up, but you’re not quite ready to hire someone full time. 
  • If you know that there are certain times of the year when business always increases up but then falls off after a few weeks or months, you can bring temporary workers on board during the busy season and not have to worry about how you’re going to keep them occupied during your slow times.
  • You can bring people to your company on a temporary-to-hire basis in a “try out” situation. If both you and the employee “like” each other, you can hire the person on to your own payroll. If you don’t like the person, you can bring someone else on board quickly to try out – and you’ll pay no unemployment insurance!

Read below for some tips on how your insurance company or department help ensure that any temporary workers you bring on are productive from the get go.

  • First, consider working with a niche staffing firm, one that understands and recruits specifically for your industry. This will help you find temporary workers who are right for the type of work you do.
  • Prepare a short orientation guide that you can give your temporary staffers as soon as they arrive for their assignment. Information to provided could include break/lunch schedules, safety regulations, names of managers/co-workers and their e-mail and phone extensions, working hours, and so on, Internet/social media usage rules, etc.
  • Have one of your employees “mentor” the temporary worker. Let this person act as a kind of guide to the temporary staffer, helping himor her become oriented to your firm’s way of doing things.
  • Temporary workers may be afraid to ask questions for fear of being found lacking. Encourage the individual to come to you (or someone you designate) at any time (and be sure to be welcoming when the worker actually does so). Check in with the employee periodically to see how he or she is doing and if you can answer any questions.
  • Make sure managers are aware of the worker’s presence in your department/company and make sure they are responsive to the individual’s questions. Make sure the temporary staff member knows how to get a hold of these folks quickly.
  • Temporary workers often are brought in when the work load is high, but you still shouldn’t expect a temporary individual to do more than what you expect from your regular employees,

If you own or manage an insurance company or department and are looking for temporary insurance professionals, contact the recruiters at Insurance Relief™. We source only insurance workers, so you can count on us to find workers who will be able to hit the ground running. Contact us today.