The Early Bird Gets the Best Job Candidate

The competition for top talent is always a challenge. Companies always are looking for the best workers they can find, and they have to compete with other businesses for the best people. But it’s a tricky proposition for companies – they want to find the right person, because a bad hire could result in loss of money and productivity, but they know they cannot take too long or they will lose the person to someone else.

How long is too long? There are no easy answers to that question, and time to hire can vary during different time periods and in different industries. The time it takes to hire, however, is a direct function of the leadership of the company. If the company has a reputation as a good place to work, a place that values its employees, it will be much easier to attract and hire good people.

Looking at the time it takes to hire an individual person cannot really give you a lot of information. But the company should keep records companywide of the time it takes to fill positions throughout the business. This will help to spot trends, to notice if it is taking longer to hire than in the past, or longer to hire certain positions. If you notice that time to hire is increasing, this is definitely a sign of trouble and needs to be investigated. You should also compare time to hire among different departments to see if there are any outliers.

To make your hiring process the most efficient and effective, you also need to collect data on your job posting efforts for analysis. You should collect data on all of the jobs you are posting, how many people have applied for the jobs, and how long it is taking you to complete each step of the hiring process. Doing this will help you spot problems in the process, helping see the places where you need to improve.

Collaboration is also important — sharing information among all of the people involved in the hiring process so that you can get to the best people more quickly. That means that everyone needs to be involved at each step, not just the human resources. Good communication between hiring managers and human resources is absolutely necessary to streamline the hiring process as much as possible.

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