Interviewing Claims Adjusters

A good claims adjuster has to have a range of skills and abilities to do the job well.

Good communication skills are a must, along with good analytical skills. He or she has to manage relationships in a fast moving business, showing tenacity and having the problem-solving and decision-making skills to work with customers in various situations.

The claims adjuster needs good analytical skills to review and evaluate claims appropriately. This also means that the adjuster needs to have a sound knowledge of claims procedures, policies, and technology, along with knowledge of the relevant state and federal laws and insurance regulations. 

A good claims adjuster also needs to have good time management skills because he or she generally has to handle large amounts of work over short periods of time. This also involves good organizational skills as well, and an ability to prioritize.

Good communications skills cover both written and verbal communication. The adjuster needs to communicate with customers and write reports as well.

The adjuster also needs to be able to work well independently and be willing to take the initiative. He or she also acts in a professional and ethical manner.

It also helps to have experience. Good claims adjusters have put in the time to learn their profession.

And adjusters have good research skills, as they will have to research coverage plans for those who are insured, document coverage dates, limits and restrictions, as well as identifying and finding answers to any possible questions that may arise concerning coverage. The adjuster is often responsible for also drafting the reservation and rights and coverage denials for review.

A good adjuster also has good interviewing skills, as he or she needs to investigate the facts around the damage or loss, acquiring statements from those involved as well as supporting documentation.

Some will also need to have good knowledge of legal guidelines affecting their work, and good judgment in using those guidelines, as they will have authority to settle cases. This involves also having financial acumen, as they will have to maintain financial accountability (reserving) and control loss adjustment expenses.

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