Do You Love Your Employees?

Do you love your employees? We’re not asking if you like being around them (although, of course, we hope you do), but whether or not they’re bringing you the results you need for your company.

To help you evaluate your team members, read below for some key metrics you should use to make sure your employees are giving you above-average efforts that result in above-average results.

  • What is an employee’s quality of work? Above average? Fair-to-middling? Or is the employee’s work output almost always unsatisfactory?
  • How productive is the employee? Does he or she usually give at least 80 percent on most days (everyone has “off” days, after all), or does he or she spend too much time at lunch with friends, posting to Facebook or LinkedIn, gabbing too long with prospects without asking for the sale? Or is his or her productivity somewhere in between these two benchmarks?
  • What’s the level of the employee’s practical or technical knowledge of the job? That is, does the worker have the skills, knowledge and ability to do the job satisfactorily? Is he or she an expert at it? Could he or she use more training or experience?
  • How much initiative does the employee show? (This metric applies to all your employees, not just your salespeople, by the way.) Does the employee seek out additional work on his or her own? Does he or she at least ask for more work when tasks are complete? Does the employee roll his or her eyes when given tasks or avoid them all together?
  • How reliable is the employee? Does he or she complete assignments on time most of the time? Is he or she rarely late? Or does the employee always seem to have excuses about why something couldn’t be done on time? Does the employee always have crises popping up that preclude timely completion of tasks or projects?
  • Does a worker make appropriate decisions? Does he or she show proper judgment? Does the worker evaluate alternatives prior to taking action? Can the worker make decisions and act upon them (as appropriate)?
  • Does an employee come up with creative ideas to solve problems or to find new ways of doing things? Is the worker open to doing things in new ways, or does he or she refuse to budge when faced with change?
  • How well does the employee follow your company’s HR, safety and other policies and procedures?
  • Is the worker pleasant to work with? Does he or she get along with co-workers, clients and vendors? Or does the worker foment dissent among team members?

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