Fighting the Summer Workplace Blues

Work does tend to slow down a little during the summer months. Thoughts turn to outdoor activities and the beach. So, with more distractions, what can you do to keep your workers geared up and productive over the summer? Here are a few ideas.


Take a day off now and then, and give everyone in the office a chance to get outside. If you are lucky enough to have your business near the beach, you can go there. Or to a park.

Get an earlier start

Let employees start earlier in the day so they can finish earlier and get out to enjoy the weather.

A summer schedule

Let employees leave earlier on Fridays during the summer. This is somewhat counterintuitive – you might think this would hurt productivity, but evidence has shown the reverse is actually true.


When you have meetings, hold them while walking outside. Research has shown this is a great way for employees to maintain their health and productivity.

Encourage healthy lifestyles

This is something that should be done year round; however, employees should be encouraged to take advantage of the warmer weather to get out and exercise. There is so much to do outdoors – walking, hiking, running swimming, other sporting activities, and the like. This is one of the best ways to improve productivity.

Many fruits and vegetables are in season also, and employees should be encouraged to take advantage of this to eat healthy as well.

Set up outdoor work areas

This will get people out of the office and into the sun. Instead of looking out the window wishing they were outside, employees can actually get out and enjoy the outdoors.

Encourage a cleanup

Summer is also a good time to take a look at your work environment and do a cleanup, getting rid of all the old files, papers, books, and other reading materials you no longer need that are just lying around. Look for any other junk you’ve collected that is just cluttering things up – old pens, coffee mugs, key chains, and other paraphernalia.

Research has shown when people have work spaces that are well organized, they are more productive as well.

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