Giving Thanks – How to Thank Your Employees

As Thanksgiving approaches, you undoubtedly want to thank your staff members for all that they do for you and your insurance clients during the year.

Read below for some great “Thank You!” ideas.

  • Sometimes the simplest thank you can be the most powerful. What do we mean by simple? How about a hand-written note to each employee thanking your workers for their efforts?
  • Of course, a note given at any time of the year when you see a worker doing something above and beyond can be even more powerful than a thank you given to everyone for the holidays. You’ll be amazed at how much the cards mean to the employee, many workers even tend to keep those cards for a long time!
  • In fact, if you do decide to provide your employees with a thank you note, be sure that each note is personalized. Since it’s Thanksgiving, why not give a note that details at least one reason why you’re thankful the person chooses to work at your firm.
  • Provide your employees with gift certificates to your town’s top restaurants, movie theater or coffee house. If possible, provide these certificates based on what you know each employee enjoys. Give movie tickets to the cinema fan and a Starbucks card to the latte lover on your team.
  • If you don’t already have one, consider starting an employee-of-the-month recognition program. Be sure to place photos of each month’s winners on a prominent spot on a prominent wall of your office. Give the monthly winners cash or gift certificates. (If your office is small, do an employee-of-the-quarter).
  • At the end of the year, announce the employee of the year (the winner could be someone from the 12 monthly winners, but it’s not absolutely necessary). Be sure the award is something relatively big, such as a few hundred dollars, a weekend getaway, etc.
  • Another way to recognize employees is to do so for something they do away from work. Do your employees volunteer? Recognize their efforts. Have one or more employees earned a college degree or other continuing education credit or certification? Be sure it’s noted company-wide.
  • Other ways to recognize employees company-wide is to offer flex-time, special parking spaces, reduced working hours in the summer. The ideas really are endless and needn’t cost your company a lot of money.

What about at your firm? What have you done to thank your employees for their hard work? We’d love to hear them!

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