How to Onboard New Insurance Staff Effectively

Onboarding of new employees effectively is important for getting them off to a good start. It can make a big difference in their productivity and their engagement.

For most companies, onboarding consists of acquainting the new employee with the policies and procedures of the company, along with explaining the benefits package. It also includes setting the employee up in their workspace and making sure everything is working properly.

As part of onboarding, the new employee also learns about the organizational structure of the company and where he fits in. All of this is part of a basic introduction. But to really make onboarding effective, it needs to go further. Here are a few additional things it should cover.

Mission, values and goals of the company.

Onboarding needs to include a training component. It should include a review of the mission, values and goals of the company. This will show the new person how important they are to the company, not simply words on a document.

The supervisor should also review with the person the duties and responsibilities of the job and the performance standards, what will be expected, as well as the resources that will be available.

Keep onboard relevant.

But to really get the most from onboarding, it has to be seen as part of an ongoing process, rather than just a single event. It has to include retention and coaching approaches as well. After the initial onboarding process, the manager should meet with the new person to talk about his onboarding experience. The manager should talk with the person about what the new employee found worthwhile in the onboarding activity, what he would like to know more about, what he would like to change or problems putting the onboarding ideas into practice.

The manager should talk with the employee about what he will do to put into practice what he learned. The manager should set up a way of monitoring and evaluating the progress of the employee as part of the onboarding.

To keep onboarding relevant, have new employees get together occasionally to talk about the onboarding training and how they are implementing it. Management can help keep it relevant as well by sending out occasional emails related to onboarding.

Hire the right people.

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