Is Your Fear of a Bad Hire Affecting Your Recruitment?

When attempting to fill an open position, companies are naturally trying to find the best person for the job. They want to avoid making a bad hire, which could cost the company a lot of time and money.

Here are a few tips to make the insurance hiring process more effective and avoid making a bad hire.

Define requirements. 

Clearly define the job requirements and responsibilities before beginning the hiring process. You cannot simply reuse an old job description. The duties and responsibilities of the job may have changed and new skills may be required to do it. You need to determine exactly what skills are needed for the job and highlight those skills in the job description.

Screen better.

Screen candidates thoroughly, using a combination of resumes, interviews, reference checks, and background checks.

You need to prepare for the interview. You should have a list of questions drawn up that specifically target the skills you are looking for. The questions should be designed so that you can determine what skills the candidate has. All candidates should get the same questions so that it will be easier to compare them when reviewing the interviews. For the same reason, hiring managers should take notes at all interviews.

Use behavioral techniques.

Use behavioral interviewing techniques to gain insight into how a candidate has handled past situations and how they may handle similar situations in the future.

Perform assessments.

Use pre-employment assessments or skills tests to evaluate a candidate’s qualifications and fit for the position.

Check references.

Always check references and conduct background checks before making a job offer.

Look for red flags.

Trust your instincts and pay attention to any red flags that come up during the hiring process. For example, if the candidate shows up late, seems to know little about the company, or doesn’t ask questions, these are all warning signals telling you to eliminate the person from consideration.

Improve onboarding.

Also, make sure to have a good onboarding process to support the new employee and set clear expectations.

Solicit feedback.

Be open to feedback and also review the performance of the employee after a few months and make necessary changes if needed.

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