Want to Recruit More Millennials? These Survey Results Outline How

Companies trying to attract talent with new energy and new ideas are working to lure millennials into their workforce. But this is a particular challenge for the insurance industry because of the lack of interest from younger workers in insurance careers. Recent surveys have shown that only about four percent of all millennials appear to be interested in insurance careers. So, companies have their work cut out for them.

If your insurance company is trying to attract a younger worker, here are a few ideas on how to do it.

Step up the marketing

When students think about business careers, they more often lean toward majors like accounting and finance. Insurance does not come immediately to mind for them. Insurance companies need to establish a presence at college job fairs to advertise their industry and let graduates know all the opportunities that are available.

Giving new people more support

Many in the industry say insurance companies need to give new workers more support. If employees do not get the training they need, they will end up leaving the industry.

Adapting to changes in technology

Millennials are immersed in technology. They use it to research jobs, apply for jobs, network, and for just about everything else. If insurance companies are going to attract these technophiles, they need to be technologically current themselves. They must have a professional online presence with their website, as well as various social media platforms, and offer ways for millennials to apply for jobs online and with mobile apps.

Talk with them

One way to entice millennials is to learn what they want from and what attracts them to a job. For example, surveys have shown millennials particularly value flexibility in their jobs. Companies also need to develop effective lines of communication with millennials.

Give them recognition

Millennials are no different than any other workers. They want feedback. They want to know how they are doing, and they like to be recognized for doing a good job. So it is important for companies to focus on recognizing and rewarding millennials.

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