The Best Insurance Blogs of 2018


Insurance Relief blogs covered a wide range of topics in 2018 – not unusual for an industry undergoing rapid change in the face of advancing technology. Listed below are a few of the more popular posts of this past year along with a brief summary of each.

How to Make Sure You Are Not Fooled on Your Next Insurance Job Interview

Not so much being fooled as taking a job at a company that is not a good fit for you. The advice in this post is to ask questions about the company and to be thorough about it, and it offers a list of potential questions – what a typical day is like, how you will be evaluated, opportunities for career growth, what the hiring manager’s experience has been at the company, and the like. It also offers some tips on what not to ask.

Fastest-Growing Insurance Jobs in 2018

The fastest-growing jobs in the insurance industry, according to this post, are actuaries, sales agents, data analysts and IT professionals. The number of jobs for actuaries is expected to increase more than 20 percent from 2016 to 2026, while the number of sales agent jobs is expected to increase 10 percent during that time.

Because of advancing technology, the need for data analysts is exploding across a range of industries. The number of data analyst jobs is expected to jump 30 percent by 2020. The demand will also be high for a number of other IT jobs, including PC techs, database administrators, programmers, systems analysts, and instructional designers.

Insurance Career Spotlight – Healthcare Enrollment Insurance Specialist

This post covers the basics of the job, what an enrollment specialist does, the skills needed, the requirements for the job and the pay. The job of the enrollment specialist is to check with insurance companies to determine if a person is eligible for coverage, give approval for the treatment, and determine the status of claims. Enrollment specialists also work with patients, suggesting programs or treatment options, helping patients with their accounts, and educating them about their enrollment eligibility.

Insurance Career Spotlight – Insurance Sales Executive

This post covers the main duties and responsibilities of insurance sales executives. Their main job is selling insurance. They give advice to clients about the best type of insurance for the client’s level of risk exposure. Executives also explain the different policies to clients. Sales executives also monitor how different insurance products perform on the market. Sales executives also work with brokers.

More Companies Are Turning to Technology to Uncover Insurance Fraud

Insurance companies are now routinely using information technology and smart technology to uncover fraud. Social media and smart technology such as fitness trackers, pacemakers, home security video and climate control systems are all providing a wealth of information that can be used as evidence in fraud cases.

Looking for a new insurance job?

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