The New World Of Work – Employers Must Adapt Or Get Left Behind

The pandemic, as well as the accelerating pace of technological change, are working together to transform the business landscape, impacting employment trends and economic activity.

Workforce trends are changing as well, driven in large part by these two influences. Employees have become more concerned about things other than just salary, attitudes that revolve around their personal values, job security, and well-being. The pandemic has caused them to rethink many of their former attitudes about work and its significance to them. Here are some of the changes:

Personal wellbeing

Work-life balance has become more of a priority for employees. They are more interested in working remotely and are more concerned about the ethics and the values of their employers.

Moreover, they are more willing to move if their needs for work-life balance are not being met. More than two-thirds of all workers have said that they are considering changing jobs this year.

Compensation issues

Workers have also become more socially conscious and more aware of gender inequities in the workplace. According to some surveys, three-fourths of workers would leave their company if it discriminated in compensation on the basis of gender.

Mental health issues

The pandemic and the upheaval it has caused in people’s lives, both at work and at home, have led people to put a much greater emphasis on their physical and mental well-being.

As a result, they have become more concerned about job stress, which has reached almost epidemic proportions. Almost three-fourths of all workers now say they are stressed at work at least once a week, and about 15 percent say they feel stressed every day.

Remote working

Because of the pandemic, many companies began moving to a remote work environment with employees working from home. This arrangement has become so popular that even after the pandemic began to subside it has come to be an essential component of work-life today.

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