Top Insurance Industry Blog Posts from 2017


Here are a few of the most engaging and stimulating posts of the past year.

5 Top LinkedIn Groups for Insurance Professionals

This post describes some of the best LinkedIn groups for insurance professionals. There is Insurance Professionals, a group encompassing many different areas of the industry. Other groups include Risk, Regulation and Reporting for RRR professionals, Global Insurance Professionals, which has a worldwide membership, and Global Insurance Network, which focuses on helping independent insurance professionals. There is also Insurance Distribution and Marketing Professionals, a group for sharing ideas on insurance distribution.

Best Leadership Style for Your Insurance Team

We examine different styles of leadership in this post. The way a manager goes about leading depends a great deal on the people on their team.

For example, an authoritative style works best when you all share a common vision and goal. A pacesetter style is best if your team is skilled and experienced. You lead by example, showing them what you want done and letting them get to it. Other styles include democratic, coaching and coercive, all appropriate depending on the situation.

How Ridesharing is Impacting the Insurance Industry

Ridesharing represents a major new market for the insurance industry. This post examines the issues presented by this new arrangement, exemplified by companies like Uber and Lyft. Because drivers for these companies are considered independent contractors, they fall into a coverage gray area. Insurance companies are moving to provide coverage for these types of jobs.

High-Growth Insurance Jobs in 2017

What jobs are expected to experience the most growth this year? This post looks at those jobs projected to increase the most – information technology jobs and actuaries.

The insurance industry is hiring across a broad range of IT specializations, including PC technicians, database administrators, instructional designers, mainframe and Java programmers, systems analysts and designers, project managers, business analysts, middle managers and information system executives.

Actuarial jobs are also expected to increase more than average.

Motivating Contract Employees Through Incentive Programs

Contract employees are fast becoming an integral part of the workforce. But as with regular employees, you want to keep them engaged and motivated. This post examines ways to do this. Some options include a point system, where a worker earns points for performance that can be redeemed for products, employee recognition, providing coaching or mentoring, providing training and flexible work schedules.

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